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  QingDao ABACGLASS Co.,Ltd is the world’s leading professional manufacturer of glass packaging located in QingDao city,ShanDong Province, China. Near the biggest port in the northern part of China--- Qingdao Port.

  ABACGLASS is a rapidly-growing industrial manufacturer that has been committed to manufacturing innovative and high quality glass containers across the globe. Our innovative technologies and manufacturing expertise have made us leader of bottle manufacturers in east-Asia.ABACGLASS is more than just a glass supplier, we are your partner in effectively driving innovation and positioning your brand.

  We offer:

  l Creative concept and design services

  l End-to-end new product development

  l A wide range of bottle colors,sizes and shapes for your vodka,whisky etc.

  l High quality glass products

  l Technical and filling line support

  l Around the clock customer service

  Annually we allocate no less than 8% of our sales revenue for research and development. This commitment has enabled ABACGLASS to introduce simple, functional, and innovative products to the market place and has resulted in our continuous growth within the worldwide market.